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05 November 2017

Frank Chacksfield Orchestra, Volume #5

Frank Chacksfield Orchestra, Volume #5
© 2009 Starborne Productions
01 Prisoner of Love
02 Lover Come Back To Me
03 Tragedy
04 Summer Love In Napoli
05 They Can't Take That Away From Me
06 A Little More Love
07 Goodnight My Love
08 The Right Time of the Night
09 I Just Fall In Love Again
10 You Are My Destiny
11 I Really Got the Feeling
12 Perigoso Amore
13 Still
14 Forever In Blue Jeans
15 Broken Hearted Me
16 Tomorrow
17 Tingle Creek
18 Body and Soul


  1. Download is actually #7

  2. We PDRK know little internets only China and the Russia to thank many times and the music. Ri Sol-ju

  3. 안녕하세요 Ri Sol-ju, 안녕하세요동지들! 러시아가 너와 함께있다!


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