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07 November 2017

100th anniversary of Communism
Russian Revolution:

7 November
Sadly Day of Calendar

The Bolsheviks, a small band of Marxist diehards led by Vladimir Lenin, engineered a coup in October 1917 (November in the new calendar) that saw them grab power and found the Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Every Marxist state since has likewise been an exercise in tyranny and terror, whether Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia or Kim Il-Sung’s North Korea.

Worldwide, Communism has been responsible for the deaths of more 96 million people.
All the November Revolution brought the Russian people was a change of authoritarian regime.They swapped the Romanovs for the Red Tsars of Communism.

1917 brought the world was oppression, blood, deception and tragedy for many people in the USSR on the longest 70 years.



Очень интересно, раскаятся ли сегодня коммунисты за многочисленные сломанные человеческие судьбы за сто лет?

It is very interesting, will the Communists repent today for the numerous broken human fates in a hundred years?

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