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12 August 2017

Syd Dale - ''It's A Colourful World'' (1981)

The Syd Dale Orchestra - 
''It's A Colourful World'' (1981)
Amphonic Music Ltd. AMPS 127
01.San Francisco Bay (Syd Dale)
02.French Lace (Syd Dale)
03.Peacock Feathers (Syd Dale)
04.The Puppet Factory (Roland Shaw)
05.Flamingo Parade (Roland Shaw)
06.Dancing At The Palace (Roland Shaw)
07.Sunset In Sevilla (Roland Shaw)
08.Hot Hanna (Syd Dale)
09.La Croisette (Syd Dale)
10.Prater Park (Syd Dale)
11.Redwood Valley (Roland Shaw)
12.Pink Bacardi (Roland Shaw)

from the original analoque tapes

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