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04 July 2017

The Sunny Livingstone Orchestra Volume 1 (1979)

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The Sunny Livingstone Orchestra
Volume 1 (1979)
Connyland Records PTL 777
A1.Honey, Come Along (Norman Candler)
A2.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Ronald Sekura)
A3.Flowers In The Sun (Ulli Gigg)
A4.My Irish Lady Has Green Eyes (Hajo Weimarer)
A5.Sierra Morena ''Concierto de Aranjuez'' (Joaquin Rodrigo Vidre)
A6.Sunny´s Groove (Jan Olek)
B1.Piano-For-Tea (Joe Kienemann)
B2.Clear Lake (Benny Gebauer)
B3.Spanish Souvenirs (Konrad Wolf)
B4.Spring (Conti Ecker)
B5.Strolling Lovers (Klaus Koester)
B6.Last, But Not Least (Jacques Romain)

Arrangements: Benny Gebauer
Producer: Konrad Wolf

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