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19 March 2017

Werner Müller - ''Cascading Strings''(1958)

Werner Müller - ''Cascading Strings''(1958)
Decca DL 8499
A1.Adios, Pampa Mia (F.Canaro-M.Mores-I.Pelay)
A2.Armen's Theme (Ross Bagdasarian)
A3.Tango American (Henri Mancini)
A4.Blue Bolero (Bob Astor-Roger Bourdin)
A5.I'll String Along With You (Dubbin-Warren)
A6.Student Passed By (L'Etudiant passe) (Ibanez)
B1.Guaglione (Fanciulli-Nisa)
B2.Tango in the Rain (Olias)
B3.Valse Baccarta (Erwin Halletz)
B4.Guitar Mambo (Werner Müller)
B5.Simonetta (I.Caesar-B/Fenstock)
B6.Tango of the Drums (Olias)

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