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23 March 2017

Jack Parnell - "Lovers Love London"

"Lovers Love London" - The music of Robert Farnon
played by The Royal Philharmonic Strings
Conducted by Jack Parnell

01.Lovers Love London (Robert Farnon)
02.En Bateau (Claude Debussy)
03.Laura (David Raksin)
04.Little Did I Know (Robert Farnon)
05.To A Young Lady (Robert Farnon)
06.Occasion To Reminisce (Robert Farnon)
07.For Eileen (Robert Farnon)
08.The Touch Of Your Lips (Ray Noble)
09.Intermezzo For Harp (Robert Farnon)
10.Lady Barbara (Robert Farnon)
11.A Violin Miniature (Robert Farnon)
12.Coeur Brisé (Robert Farnon)
13.Peacehaven (Robert Farnon)
14.For "C.K." (Robert Farnon)
15.How Beautiful Is Night (Robert Farnon)

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