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19 March 2017

101 Strings & Singers - The Songs Of The Beach Boys (1976)

101 Strings plus The Alshire Singers 
Play And Sing The Songs Of The Beach Boys (1976)
Alshire S-5342
A1.California Girls (B.Wilson/M.Love)
A2.Help Me Ronda (B.Wilson/M.Love)
A3.I Get Around (B.Wilson/M.Love)
A4.Goodtime Feelin' (A.Ayers/E.L.Jefe/M.Huchridge)
A5.Good Vibrations (B.Wilson/M.Love)
B1.Fun Fun Fun (B.Wilson/M.Love)
B2.Don't Worry Baby (B.Wilson/R.Christian)
B3.Goodbye Baby (A.Sherman/I.Nossel/M.Huchridge)
B4.Wouldn't It Be Nice (B.Wilson/M.Love/T.Asher)
B5.Darlin' (B.Wilson/M.Love)

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