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18 December 2016

101 Strings - Million Dollar Movie Hits (1974)

101 Strings Orchestra -
Million Dollar Movie Hits 
and Other Original Selections (1974)
Alshire International S-5304
A2.If He Walked Into My Life
A3.Day of the Devil
A4.The High and The Mighty
B1.Theme From Picnic
B2.Claudia Theme
B3.Rebel Song
B4.Mayfair Walk
B5.Sea of Tranquility

One of the most prolific and reliable names in instrumental easy listening music, the 101 Strings Orchestra has literally recorded hundreds of albums since its inception in 1957. Their trademark sound is built on a reverence for melody, pristine production, and a pleasant, relaxing ambience; while occasional albums have concentrated on brass, piano, guitars, and even mild rock & roll rhythms, the string section, true to the group's name, nearly always remains front and center, because of its lush, soothing sound qualities. 

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