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03 October 2016

Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - ''Forgotten Dreams'' (1963)

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Jerry Murad's Harmonicats - 
''Forgotten Dreams'' (1963)
Columbia CS 8745
A2.Forever And Ever
A3.Forgotten Dreams
A4.I Can't Get Started
A5.That's All
A6.Blue Tango
B1.Hold Me
B2.Love Theme From ''La Strada''
B5.Wonderful One


  1. It is really unfortunate to have the "forgotten masterpieces blog" talkover on the tracks. Ruins the experience.

  2. Dear Groovylounge, I did it because some sites stealing my works and publish them in other sites.
    All the best, bro !

  3. btw, All music here only for the information and home listening, but not for publication and sale (how did some trade mark as TP4 Music)

  4. You do what you feel appropriate. But frankly, the music is not yours, per se. You have just digitized it. I've donated to your site, and would do so again. But not if the tracks have a voiceover. Best!

  5. give me your email, I will send to you,
    about donation, I did not see any of your donation
    If you want to have original sound, you can buy it on ebay, do the digitizing, or listen every day on the vinyl player
    I did it because so many sites stealing my works and after re-publish them in other sites as owners
    All the best, bro !

  6. Dear friend Wladimir or Wlad. Could you, please send me Jerry Murad´s without talkover, by e-mail ?? I´m not a collaborator of your blog, because I´m a retired old age and my earnings is few. Thank you very much in advance. Hugs !


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