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24 September 2016

Paul Mauriat - ''Have You Never Been Mellow'' (1975)

Le Grand Orchestre de Paul Mauriat - 
''Have You Never Been Mellow'' (1975)
MGM Records M3G 4999 (US)
A1.El Bimbo (C.Morgan)
A2.Rock The Boat (W.Holmes)
A3.Feel Like Makin' Love (E.Mc Daniels)
A4.Mandy (S.English/R.Kerr)
A5.Angie Baby (Alan O'Day)
A6.I Won't Last A Day Without You (R.Nichols/P.Williams)
B1.Rock Your Baby (H.W.Casey/R.Finch)
B2.Pacific Holiday (P.Mauriat)
B3.Have You Never Been Mellow (J.Farrar)
B4.The Way We Were (M.Hamlisch, A & M Bergman)
B5.Over The Rainbow~Singin'In The Rain (H.Arlen/E.Y.Harburg/N.Herb Brown/A.Freed)
B6.I Got A Name (C.Fox/N.Gimbel)


  1. Not USA Just Et Son Grand Orchestre En France de Paul Mauriat!

  2. are you normal Chris? is not true, this is compilation album from tunes recorded by Paul's Orchestra in '74-'75 were released in US in 1975


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