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26 September 2016

Billy May - ''The Sweetest Swingin' Sounds of No Strings'' (1962)

 Billy May and his Orchestra - 
''The Sweetest Swingin' Sounds of No Strings'' (1962)
Richard Rodgers' Hit Broadway Musical
Capitol ST-1709

A1.No Strings  (Richard Rodgers)
A2.The Sweetest Sounds  (Richard Rodgers)
A3.Love Makes The World Go      (Richard Rodgers)
A4.Nobody Told Me      (Richard Rodgers)
A5.Loads Of Love  (Richard Rodgers)
A6.Maine  (Richard Rodgers)
B1.Eager Beaver  (Richard Rodgers)
B2.Look No Further  (Richard Rodgers)
B3.An Athodox Fool  (Richard Rodgers)
B4.La La La  (Richard Rodgers)
B5.The Man Who Has Everything  (Richard Rodgers)
B6.Be My Host  (Richard Rodgers)

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