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29 August 2016

Mr.Acker Bilk - Everybody's Talkin' (1999)

Mr.Acker Bilk - Everybody's Talkin' (1999)
© Newsound 2000
01.Heart Will Go On (Titanic Theme)
02.As Time Goes By (Casablanca Theme)
03.Singin' in the Rain (Singin' in the Rain Theme)
04.Forrest Gump (feather Theme)
05.Tears in Heaven (Rush Theme)
06.Beauty & The Beast (Beauty & The Beast Theme)
07.Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz Theme)
08.Circle of Life (The Lion King Theme)
09.Let Me Be Your Wings (Thumbelina Theme)
10.Everybody's Talking (Midnight Cowboy Theme)
11.Exodus (Exodus Theme)
12.Speak Softly Love (The Godfather Theme)
13.True Love (High Society Theme)
14.Endless Love (Endless Love Theme)
15.Tara Theme (Gone with the Wind Theme)
16.Where Do I Begin (Love Story Theme)
17.Somewhere out There (An American Tale Theme)
18.A Whole New World (Aladdin Theme)
19.Cavatina (The Deer Hunter Theme)
20.Love Is All Around (Four Weddings & A Funeral Theme)

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