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01 July 2016

Frank De Vol & The Raibow Strings - ''Radio's Great Old Themes'' (1961)

stereo version

Frank De Vol & The Raibow Strings - 
''Radio's Great Old Themes'' (1961)
Columbia CS 8413
01.On the Radio~Seems like old times~When the moon comes over the mountain
02.Contented~Manhattan serenade~Blue moon
03.Marta~Manhattan~Love's own sweet song
04.The waltz you saved for me~Rainbow on the river~Thinking of you
05.On the trail (Was I to blame for) Falling in love with you?~Sleep
06.One hour with you~Anyone can dream~Thanks for the memory
07.Believe me if all those endearing young charms~Angel's serenade~Jolly coppersmith
08.Sunbonnet Sue~Londonderry air~Funiculi funicula
09.Toselli's serenade~Red River Valley~Au matin
10.How can I leave you~Drigo's serenade~Darling Nellie Gray~Polly wolly doodle all day
11.Valse bluette~Juanita~Kerry dance
12.Two guitars~Chanson Bohemienne~Andante cantabile

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