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16 May 2016

Michael Antoine And His Orchestra - ''And So To Bed'' (1956)

mega rare
Michael Antoine And His Orchestra - 
''And So To Bed'' (1956)
RCA Victor LPM-1285

A1.I'll Be Loving You
A2.I'm At A Loss For Words
A3.Imagine, Just Imagine
A4.All The World
A5.Ask My Heart
A6.Without A Word Of Warning
B1.See It My Way
B2.I Think Of You
B3.I Guess I'll Be On My Way
B4.April In Monte Carlo
B5.I Wish You All The Best
B6.Say The Word


  1. Great album but it has an irritating background hum. Anyway, thanks.

  2. It is not meant as a negative comment. Do not get me wrong. I also have a couple of albums with an ingrained hum. But RCA usually has good pressings.

  3. Yes Ron I agree,is not best rip sound, but my friend can't configure correctly equipment for the digitization of sound, therefore it's only for demonstration of the ablum

  4. great album match with lovely cover artwork that i saw long time ago and i felt excited hopeing to hear the album one day
    thank you for the kind sharing

  5. Yes I admit i suck at ripping these albums they were done of an ole 1950's record player console via RCA cables to Macintosh MacBook Pro. These album are mint condition many are record promo I found here in Los Angeles. If Vlad sends me his address I would gladly ship the albums over to him to keep and rip

  6. This "old" record from 1956 (!) sounds wonderful - like an album sound - played so often, adding the fact ripped without any sizzling and cracking noise.
    And in my ears I almost would miss this "ingrained hum" finding a perfect remastered reissue procuction of this time.
    So thanks a lot for this, very much appreciated!

  7. for Vinyl Record LP,
    Yes I'd like to have more pure digitized sound,
    If you can plese sent to me
    my mail is - icemusic.co@gmail.com

  8. ok Vlad sent you an email send me your shipping address and i will send you the records


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