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23 May 2016

Cal Tjader - ''Mas Ritmo Caliente''

by the request

Cal Tjader - ''Mas Ritmo Caliente'' (1960)
(stereo version)
Fantasy 8003
A2.Armando's Hideaway
A3.Cuco On Timbales
A5.Ritmo Rumba
A6.Big Noise From Winnetka
B1.Poinciana Cha Cha
B3.Ritmo Africano
B4.Perfidia Cha Cha

    Alto Saxophone – Gerald Sanfino
    Bass – Al McKibbon, Bobby Rodriguez, Eugene Wright
    Congas – Armando Peraza, Ramon Santamaria*
    Cowbell – Luis Kant
    Drums – Al Torres
    Flute – Gerald Sanfino
    Liner Notes – Ralph J. Gleason
    Percussion [Gourd] – Luis Kant
    Piano – Vince Guaraldi
    Tenor Saxophone – Jose Silva (2)
    Timbales – Armando Sanchez, Bayardo Velarde, Willie Bobo
    Vibraphone – Cal Tjader

Recorded in New York, Chicago and San Francisco, 1957

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