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10 April 2016

The Monte Carlo Strings-Music For Moonlight Madness (1959)

The Monte Carlo Strings
plays Music For Moonlight Madness (1959)
conducted by Enoch Light
Grand Award G.A. 247-S.D.(stereo)

A1.Where Or When
A2.These Foolish Things
A3.Among My Souvenirs
A4.Over The Rainbow
A5.Memories of You
A6.Hold Me
B1.Secret Love
B2.I'm Thru With Love
B3.Blue Moon
B4.Body And Soul
B6.If I Had You

1 comment:

  1. Hi Vlad,
    again a wonderful upload on this extraordanary site, the songtitles alone belong to the "crème de la crème" or "top of the pops" of any valuably album of this time of "Forgotten Masterpieces", and so it is still very worth to listen to.
    So thanks for this record, very much appreciated and in any case recommended to any music lover of this musical period!


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