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12 April 2016

Norrie Paramor - ''Warm & Willing'' (1965)

Norrie Paramor - ''Warm & Willing'' (1965)
with the "Floating" voice of Patricia Clark
Playing Jimmy McHughs Biggest Hits
Capitol T-2357
A1.I Feel A Song Comin' On
A2.Where Are You
A3.You're A Sweetheart
A4.Lovely Lady
A5.Warm And Willing
A6.It's A Most Unusual Day
B1.I'm In The Mood For Love
B2.I'm Shooting High
B3.My Own
B4.Lost In A Fog
B5.Dream, Dream, Dream
B6.Thank You For A Lovely Eve


  1. sadly the only error in the paramor albums of the 50s is the intruding voice of patrcia clark

    1. Disagree. The "floating voice" of Patricia Clark was what set Norrie Paramor's records apart. Without her, whether singing bits of lyric or vocalise, his records would have been just as they'd been by another Chacksfield or Kostalanetz, with nothing much to distinguish them.

  2. Hi Vlad,
    as grewn up with the early Ray Conniff Singers I'm always very interested in albums like this fine discovery - again a nice gift here on your very deserving site to let this music alive!

  3. Well Alright, Stupid Ass Turbobit doesn't work at all

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