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07 April 2016

Dick Contino and Eddie Layton - ''In The Mood'' (1959)

Dick Contino and Eddie Layton  - 
''In The Mood'' (1959)
Mercury SR 60153
A1.Woodchooper's Ball
A2.Blues In The Night
A3.In The Mood
A5.Johnson Rag
A6.Sentimental Journey
B2.Mood Indigo
B3.Jersey Bounce
B4.Cherokee (Indian Love Song)
B5.Come Back To Sorrento
B6.A String Of Pearls

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  1. Where is Dick Contino? I have sent him a birthday card and Christmas card for years...the last card I sent came back. He was living in Las Vegas..Is he still having concerts?
    Jean MusicJB@verizon.net


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