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11 March 2016

Frank Chacksfield Orchestra Volume #4

Frank Chacksfield OrchestraVolume #4
Starborne Production  (c) 2009
01.Elusive Butterfly
02.All of a Sudden My Heart Sings
03.I Will
04.Invisible Tears
05.Love Means (You Never Have to Say You're Sorry)
07.Why Me?
08.Crystal Blue Persuasion
09.Here It Comes Again
10.You Were Only Fooling
11.Rhythm of the Rain
12.Be (Prologue - Johnathan Livingston Seagull)
13.Circle Is Small (The)
14.Colour My World
15.My World Is You
16.When Someone Says You're Wonderful
17.Heart on My Sleeve
18.You Don't Have to Be a Star (Take 2)

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