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10 December 2015

Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops - ''Fiedler in Rags'' (1974)

HD Sound
Arthur Fiedler and the  Boston Pops - 
''Fiedler in Rags'' (1974)
Polydor PD 6033
A1.The Entertainer - Arr. Richard Hayman
A2.Sugar Cane Rag - Arr. Richard Hayman
A3.The Easy Winners - Arr. Newton Wayland
A4.Maple Leaf Rag - Arr. Eric Knight
A5.Charleston Rag - Arr. Robert Bockholt
B1.Alexander's Ragtime Band - Arr. Newton Wayland
B2.12th Street Rag - Arr. Richard Hayman
B3.Darktown Strutter's Ball [with Interpolation of "Jelly Roll Blues" - Arr. Newton Wayland]
B4.Tiger Rag - Arr. Jack Mason
B5.Varsity Drag Variations - Arr. Newton Wayland

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