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30 September 2015

Raoul Meynard & His Orchestra - ''Continental Visa Renewed'' (1959)

Raoul Meynard & His Orchestra - 
''Continental Visa Renewed'' (1959)
Warner Bros. Records WST-1320
A1 Mam'Selle (Goulding-Gordon)
from the 20th Century-Fox motion picture ''The Razor' Edge''
A2 Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo (Kaper-Deutsch)
from the MGM motion picture ''Lili''
A3 Meet Mister Callaghan (Eric Spear)
A4 Intermezzo (Henning-Provost)
from the Selznick motion picture ''Intermezzo''
A5 Two Guitars (Adapyed by Carl Brandt)
A6 C'Est Si Bon (Betti-Hornez)
B1 The Maxixe (adapted by Carl Brandt)
B2 Golden Earrings (Livingston-Evans-Young)
from the Paramount motion Picture ''Golden Earrings''
B3 Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup (Anna Sotenko)
B4 When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry (Deutsch-Smith-Wine-Gar-Rogan)
B5 Play Gypsy, Dance Gypsies (Kalman-Smith)
from the Broadway production ''Countess Maritza''
B6 Lisbon Antigua (Portella-Galhardo-DoVate)

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