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15 August 2015

Lucky Simon & his Orchestra - ''Romantic moods'' (1980)

Lucky Simon & his Orchestra - 
''Romantic moods'' (1980)
Selected Sound Stereo 124
A1.Romantic Moods (Preludium Opus Ostatnie) - Slow Concertante
A2.Clarino - Slow Rock
A3.Francoise (Temat Dla Franisa) - Slow
A4.Along The Coast (Deszczowy Statek) - Bossa Nova
A5.White Magic (Przed Pojednaniem) - Slow
A6.Tender Variations (Nostalgia Pustych Butelek) - Slow Latin
B1.Praeludium For Nicole (Preludium Dla Mamy Radosne) - Slow Concertante
B2.Flowers In The Park (Koloryt Kwiatów) - Slow Rock
B3.Creation Chic (Melodia Na Dobranoc) - Slow Rock
B4.Melancholy (Dzis Jest Ktos Inny) - Slow
B5.Eden Beach (Szczesliwy Fiord) - Moderator Beat
B6.Blossom Collection (Iluminacja) - Bossa Nova

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