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14 August 2015

Felix Slatkin - ''Our Winter Love'' (1963)

The Fantastic Strings of Felix Slatkin - 
Our Winter Love'' (1963)
Liberty LST-7287
A1.Our Winter Love (J. Cowell)
[Cramart Music, Inc. - BMI],
A2.I Left My Heart in San Francisco (D. Cross-G. Cory)
[General Music Pub. Co. - ASCAP],
A3.Gina (P.Vance-L. Carr)
[Elm Drive Music Corp. - BMI],
A4.Lollipops and Roses (Tony Velona)
[Garland Music - ASCAP],
A5.Love Letters (Young-Heyman)
[Famous Music - ASCAP],
A6.What Kind of Fool am I (Bricusse-Newley)
[Ludlow Music,Inc. - BMI],
B1.Meditation (Mendonco-Jobim)
[Leeds Music - ASCAP],
B2.Stranger on the Shore (Mellin-Bilk)
[Robert Mellin Inc. - BMI],
B3.The Twelfth of Never (P.F. Webster-J. Livingston)
[Empress Music Inc. - ASCAP],
B4.The Days of Wine and Roses (J. Mercer-H. Mancini)
[M. Witmark & Sons -ASCAP],
B5.Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard)
[Almanac Music - ASCAP,
B6.Theme from ''Lawrence of Arabia'' (Maurice Jarre)
[Gower Music, Inc. - BMI]

Arranged by Bob Florence

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