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10 July 2015

Mystic Moods Orchestra - ''Stormy Weekend'' (1972)

Mystic Moods Orchestra - 
''Stormy Weekend'' (1972)
Philips PHS 600-342
01.Love Is Blue
02.If You Go Away
03.Waltz For Tricia
04.Heme From Stormy Weekend - (Interlude)
05.Lovers Lullaby
07.Come Saturday Morning
08.I Can't Get Away From You
09.Ne Dis Rien (Say No More)
10.Theme From Stormy Weekend
11.4:22 A.M.
12. Monday Monday

Arranged and Conducted by Richard Clements
Producer and Directed by: Brad Miller
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London
Engineered by Michael M.Shields
Re-recorded at Western Studios, Hollywood
Sound effects recorded by Brad Miller

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  1. Thank you, the theme from stormy weekend is cut in the LP version because it's converted to tracks, but it's full in the CD version which you have posted the CD cover of it. Do you have the CD version please?


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