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27 July 2015

Clebanoff and his Orchestra - ''Accent On Strings!'' (1960)

Herman Clebanoff and his Orchestra - 
''Accent On Strings!'' (1960)
Mercury SRD 16
01.Cumana from ''Exciting Sounds''
02.Maria from ''West Side Story''
03.The Moon of Manakoora from ''World's Great Waltzes''
04.Anna (El Negro Zumbon) from ''Clebanoff Plays More Songs from Great Films"
05.Intermezzo from ''Moods In Music''
06.Millionaire's Hoe-Down from ''Strings Afire''
07.Love Look Away from''Songs from Great Shows''
08.Moonglow and Theme From ''Picnic'' from ''Songs From Great Films''
09.April In Portugal from ''Clebanoff Plays Great Songs of The Continent''
10.I'm falling in love with someone from ''Clebanoff Plays Songs from Great Operettas''
11.Laura from ''Love Themes From Great Films''

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