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12 June 2015

James Last - ''Non Stop Dancing 12'' (1971)

James Last - 
''Non Stop Dancing 12'' (1971)
Polydor 2371 141
Potpourri 1:
A1.1-Hey Tonight
A1.2-She's A Lady
A1.3-What Is Life
A2.1-Cracklin Rosie
A2.2-Rose Garden
A2.3-Ich Bin Verliebt In Die Liebe
A3.1-No Matter What
A3.2-Silver Moon
A3.3-After Midnight
A4.1-Amazing Grace
A4.2-Love Story
A5.1-But I Can Sleep In A Park
A5.2-San Bernadino
A5.3-The Man From Nazareth
 Potpourri 2:
B1.1-Be My Baby
B1.2-Immigrant Song
B1.3-Strange Kind Of Woman
B2.1-The Pushbike Song
B2.2-What Have They Done To My Song, Ma
B2.3-Oh, Wann Kommst Du
B3.1-Another Day
B3.2-Have You Ever Seen The Rain
B4.2-Ruby Tuesday
B5.1-Ape Man
B5.2-Knock Three Times
B5.3-My Sweet Lord

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