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25 June 2015

Alan Hawkshaw - "Girl in a Sportscar'' (1973)

The Essential Lounge Music Collection
Alan Hawkshaw - "Girl in a Sportscar'' (1973)
Coalition Recordings ‎– 7 0630 180712 (Germany)
01.Girl In A Sports Car (Clarissa)
02.Scooter Girl (Tanya)
03.Sunflower (Sunbird)
04.Warm Hearts (Love On A Summer Day)
05.Bluebird (Humming Bird)
06.Midnight Rhapsody (Melody at Midnight) 
07.Happy Rainbow (Colours in the Rain)
08.Amour (Love in Paris)
09.Blue Note (Deep Blue)
10.Grange Hill (Back to School)
11.Brush Off (Cold Shoulder)
12.Playmate (Great Pals)
13.Flapjack (Dessert Storm)
14.Knock About (Hang About)
15.Lazy Evening Blues (Lay-back Blues)
16.Cruising (Cruise Around)
17.A Man Alone (In Solitude)
18.Sky Train (The Shuttle)
19.Man Of Means (In The Money)
20.Love AT First Sight (Dumbstruck)
21.Beauty Spot (The Mole)
22.Moody (Dreamy)
23.Sheer Elegance (Suave & Sophisticated)
24.Blue Haze (Smokey)
25.Piccadilly Night Ride (On Oxford Street)
26.Beat Boutique (Mary Quant)
27.Dave Allen At Large (Irish Gnome)
28.Destination Venus (Jupiter Bound)

All title composed by Alan Hawkshaw except:
#21 &24 by Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker,
#25 & 26 by Alan Hawkshaw & Keith Mansfield

An album compiled by Sheldon Hawkshaw

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