19 April 2017

Raymond Lefèvre - ''Holiday Symphonies'' (1979) + ''Tomorrow's Symphonies Du Futur'' (1980)

Raymond Lefèvre - 
''Holiday Symphonies'' (1979) +
''Tomorrow's Symphonies Du Futur'' (1980)
CD Vocalion (2016)
Vocalion CDLK 4592

The Original LP 91 030 (1979) Stereo
01.J’écoute de la Musique Saoûle (Jonasz; Yared)
02.Le Chanteur (Balavoine)
03.Nous (Cutugno; Peregrini; Bongiorno; Lemesle)
04.Une Simple Mélodie (Polnareff)
05.My Life (Joel)
06.Superman (Williams) theme from the film
07.Reggae Rama (arr Lefèvre; Missir)
08.Y.M.C.A. (Morali; Belolo; Willis)
09.Loin des Yeux, Loin du Coeur (Costandinos; Barbelivien)
10.Je Suis L’enfant Soleil (Giraud; Marnay)
11.Lady Night (Juvet; Morali; Willis)
12.Kennedy Airport (Cutugno; Carrère; Schmitt)

Tomorrow's Symphonies Du Futur:
The Original LP 91 038 (1980) Stereo
13.Hokkaido Symphony (R. Lefèvre):
The Mountains of Hokkaido, Hokkaido Forest, Snow Carnival
14.Prélude à L’an Deux (J. Lefèvre)
15.The Girl from Athena (Moncorgé)
16.Rockytrain (Badarou)
17.Prayer for a Return (Ansa; Wichita; Nalpas)
18.Rise (Armer; Badazz)
19.Ballad in Rhythm (R. Lefèvre)
20.Modulation (T.Rallo)

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